A vivacious young woman Maryamm Mitchell also known as Mimi was born and raised in Philadelphia, who was always planning or creating something fantastic, started her own event planning business, S.T.R.U.T (Sexy, Tantalizing, Righteous, Underestimated, Talent) in 2004.  “My business allowed me to channel my creativity to help others achieve the event of their dreams. In the midst of all this, God blessed me with my daughter, the center of my joy, who continued to push me to chase my aspirations to be an entrepreneur.” In 2010 until now, she faced several obstacles including the loss of close family members, friends to serious illness, having a stroke, and a hysterectomy. But through it all women in  her life, women of faith and substance, continued to support, pray, cry, and love her through it all.

When ask why she started 4Luvhersonly, Maryamm response, “It was through these experiences and the love of the women in my life that I created my brand 4LuvHersOnly. 4LuvHersOnly is not only a brand of attire and accessories but a movement. This movement represents women coming together to uplift one another instead of being malicious or jealous. Societal views of women can portray us as catty and vindictive among one another but I want to show another more accurate depiction. This brand for me represents women supporting one another being positive whether they are a mother, friend, sister, entrepreneur, employee, etc. The bottom line is Luv her and Luv her always.” There are always excuses for not getting the job done, but a determined spirit figures out how to overcome the excuses.